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Wellness Coaching– What is it?

Wellness is the mastery of one’s physical and mental wellbeing- from maintaining a healthy weight and optimal fitness, to balancing stress and optimal health.  Wellness is very personal and it takes a healthy mindset to sustain it over time.  Think of it as the best “me” that you can be.

Coaching is method of mentoring and instructing, focusing on the positive and the future possibilities that can come into reality.  And when you are clear about what it is you really want, the changes you bring into being can transform your life.  And it can be done in the comfort of your home!

Coaching is NOT therapy.  We don’t try to problem solve the past.  Together we DO inquire into the present and look at your best past experiences with exercise, eating, and healthy lifestyle to help bring forth the possibilities of the future you.

Wellness coaches help you by asking the right questions! Through thoughtful assessment and inquiry, collaborative problem-solving and goal setting, as well as safe, open and honest dialogue, I’ll help you become clearer on where you want to go and how to get there.  It truly is about what YOU want.

There is a strong sense of personal accountability when you work with a coach.  You’ll find yourself more ready and willing to commit to goals and be able to accomplish so much more than you believed possible from where you first began.

I have a question for you:  How far are you from your best self, right now, and how are you going to get there?

Now, if you are willing to explore some answers, take 2 minutes to do an exercise.  Read the next paragraph and then close your eyes and take a few slow breaths.  Start to imagine…

What do I to look like in a year?  Take a moment to really visualize your future self.  Take a mental selfie.  What is different about you that you really like?  Who do you see around you?  Are there family present, loved ones, new friends?  Who is supporting you? What are you doing in this photo?  Are you running a 5K, sporting that new athletic wear, meditating? How are you feeling?  Happy? Content? Joyful? Proud of your accomplishments in the last year?

Did this bring up a desire to want more from your life?  I hope so! 

Coaching works best when you commit to a three-month practice.  Most experts in behavior psychology say that it takes 28 days to start a new healthy habit, and those lasting new habits are honed with small steps or weekly goals.  Change takes time, and if you want to change the way you eat, alter or start a new exercise plan, and feel better, I’m here to help you. 

Let’s talk. Set up a 30-minute introduction call and I’ll answer your questions about coaching. No obligation. This one’s on me.

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