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Vitamin And Mineral Absorption – A Solution!

Many things can affect the effectiveness of how well nutrients are absorbed from the “gut”. ( By the way, we use the term gut to refer to the inner lining of the small intestine where the majority of nutrient absorption occurs, not to the size of the belly!)

Absorption may be impaired by a number of things, including chronic use of acid reducers (Nexium, Prilosec, etc) as well as poor organ secretion of acid and digestive enzymes. Damage can occur to the lining, as well, from chronic infections, poor diet, allergies, and inadequate beneficial bacteria in the digestive canal. Stress hormones also do a number on this lining, and this can be the result of emotional or physical stress including heavy duty exercise.

Because of this, I have had some patients through the years who are much better served by taking a liquid vitamin/mineral, and my favorite of these is Intramax. Intramax is loaded with nutrients and also contains fulvic acid so that the nutrients are immediately “sucked in” to be absorbed.

There are pros and cons to using it so if considering it as your mainstay vitamin be aware of the following:

  1. Intramax should not be taken within 30 minutes of any medications. Its powerful action pulls these medications in rather quickly and may change the blood levels of them too quickly.
  2. Intramax is best taken on an empty stomach followed by a glass of water. Wait 30 minutes before food or other meds or supplements if possible.
  3. It requires refrigeration upon opening. Shake it before each use.
  4. The peach/mango flavor is not unpleasant but it does have a vitamin-like aftertaste. You may mix it in a small amount of pure pomegranate or grape juice (unsweetened) if you like. Still follow with that glass of water!
  5. I have found it best taken in the morning. This is not set in stone but the combination of vitamins often does give an energy boost and late at night this may not be desirable.
  6. There are small bottles available for travel. These small bottles do not have as long a shelf life as the large, as they are sealed a little differently.

Dose is typically one capful per day. It is fine to start with a smaller amount and work up.

Intramax is made by Drucker laboratories. They tightly control how this is sold and who may buy it; therefore, it is not offered on the Wellevate portal. I have been authorized to offer it here using my code. If you call Drucker laboratories directly, 1-888-881-6100, you may use my code, which is PAC TAN4230. They will not discount the cost but will give free shipping which is some savings, as it is heavy, being a liquid.

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