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Sports Nutrition Basics

If you are reading this then most likely you are already involved in an exercise/workout program, or plan to be, and are looking for ways to support and amplify those efforts. Whether the goal is improving overall performance, increasing strength and stamina, building muscle, or losing weight, these basics are essential for all.

Dietary specifics will be covered in upcoming articles, but for the purposes of this post, these explanations and tips apply to most everyone. As always, if you are on any medications or have medical conditions, please consult your health care professional before beginning an exercise or supplement regimen.

All supplements mentioned can be found by going to the Wellevate site on this website. The supplements there are all certified as to purity and accuracy in labeling.   ( PLUS you get a discount!)

  1. Hydration– Water before and during workout; if it is strenuous, add an electrolyte/mineral blend. This helps support overall cell function and performance. If you wait until you are thirsty you are already dehydrated! The fluids and electrolytes help prevent cramps in legs, feet and hands after a very strenuous workout. Best to start drinking at least ½ hour before exercise if possible.   Supplement suggestions: Klean Athlete Hydration or Trace Minerals PowerPak. 
  2. Basic Vitamin/Mineral– You need a good, well absorbed vitamin mineral to keep the muscles healthy and nourished when under physical stress. There are many options, but a few I have found to be superior are; Klean Athlete multivitamin or Thorne Basic Nutrients. I recommend taking with food in AM.
  3. Probiotic– A healthy lining of the intestinal tract supports a robust immune system and better absorption of nutrients.     Klean Athlete probiotic or ProThera Pro 5 are excellent and some of the best and purest at very reasonable cost.
  4. Antioxidants for Recovery– These are essential for helping muscles heal and build after exercise. Think of them in terms of “getting the rust out” because on a cellular level, that is what they do. There are many antioxidants, but I find that using a combination type of capsule works best for compliance, ease and effectiveness. These are used both on workout and on rest days. They should be taken AWAY from workouts and can be used once or twice daily depending on the level of exercise you are doing.  Take once daily if light/moderate workouts, and twice daily if strenuous or competitive exercise. Professional athletes need maximal support and should take twice daily, including on rest days. Brand recommendations include Klean Antioxidants- 3 capsules per dose, or Designs for Health Mitochondrial NRG 3 capsules per dose
  5. Vitamin D-3– An entire article could be devoted to this extremely important vitamin! Levels in the blood should be at least 50, and up to 100 is still fine. Recommended brands include Klean Athlete Vitamin D3, Klaire Vit D3 5000. If preferred, there are lower doses and even liquid drop formulas available on the  Wellevate site.
  6. Omega 3– If you do not eat fish such as salmon, cod or sardines at least twice weekly, then Omega 3 should be added to your supplement routine. Omega 3 is a protective fatty acid, and has benefits to heart, brain, muscle, eyes, and more. Klean Omega 3 and OrthoMolecular Omega are some great options. If you are vegetarian or vegan, Ovega, which comes from seaweed, offers similar benefits. 
  7. Recovery Protein After Workout– High quality is so very important as poor processing can render these ineffective. Whey, pea or rice protein is best, and should be consumed within ½ hour after workout. If it has been a very high and strenuous workout then additional carbohydrates in the shake are helpful in both recovery and healing from the workout. Examples include Klean Protein Isolate ( available in chocolate, vanilla, and non flavored) and Klean Recovery shake for the higher carbohydrate version. These are both whey based. If you prefer a vegan friendly option then Sun Warrior makes an excellent product for a quick shake.

I think you will find that if you embark on a carefully thought out supplementation regimen as part of your workout strategy your exercise gains and overall health will benefit more than you can imagine.

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