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My Recipe for Bone Broth

So much more than soup for the soul, bone broth is a wonderful source of both protein and collagen, which is a healing source for joints, connective tissues, and the lining of the GI tract.

Just remember, that in order for collagen to be properly broken down and utilized, it needs to be combined with 250-500 mg of Vitamin C or taken at the same time as the broth.

Here is a simple recipe for bone broth that you can make at home. It freezes well, so you can portion it out and thaw to use at your convenience.

  • Organic bones – These can be chicken, beef, lamb, goat. Many groceries have these if you ask but do be sure that they are organic. Get enough to nearly fill a slow cooker.
  • Add water, sea salt, and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar.
  • Cook for at least 24 hours on low heat in crock pot. The longer and slower you can do this, the better, as more collagen and minerals are extracted from the bones.
  • Remove the bones and residue and strain the broth into containers.
  • This can be used as the base for a soup by adding vegetables, or simply sipped as is. Adding additional seasonings or herbs to taste is perfectly fine.

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